The company’s reputation…

for quality began in 1965 when the Haugh family opened a full service aluminum foundry in Wrightsville, PA.

Founded on the principal that quality builds loyal business, H&H initially focused operations on small run jobs with an emphasis on technicality. Operations continued in for the next 24 years until demand exceed production and the need for a larger facility was necessary.

In 1989, a new foundry was built in Hellam Township with modern machines and bigger capabilities. After two subsequent additions, the current production capacity in our facility exceeds 90,000 square feet.

Our foundry currently consists of two complimentary processes; Green Sand and No Bake. Our No Bake Division was introduced in 2008 to expand our production ability to include large scale molding and castings.

In September of 2019 we anticipate the abilities of our new Robert Sinto FBO V. The new automatic molding machine will handle molds as large as 32” x 32” x 32”.

The company is privately owned.